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 Did you know that more than 65% of photos generate between zero and ten (0-10)? That are pretty valuable, but they are hard to come by.

  No body can tell you the value of it in one pic, because it depends if it is a brand or not and the value of the brand. But that lots of likes will sell more or will get more followers, this is true and nobody need to tell you that.

     In social marketing, get likes online is a pretty popular and common practice, since most of the content must have some social acceptance and an initial boost in order to go viral and really get a boost.

    They are also tied hand to hand with followers, so you can bet that more you have mean more followers and vice versa – this is in part what makes it such a successful practice to boost your Instagram Fan Base. If you’re serious about your Marketing Campaign, you have to know that you need to extract the most engagement with each picture. If you get Instagram likes you give your picture the best chances to succeed, and you can rest easy that you did what you could.

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