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Some people don’t know and asking “how to get lots of vine followers?” is easy with few clicks you can do it, then waitting we do the work and enjoy.

To be successful on Vine you need to create a good profile. Following some people to your timeline, they don’t be empty. Your first need to be an introductory one, when you be popular people will see it, when they see your profile will see the 1st vine and more they will try to see all of you. Make some cool vines if you don’t have it yet, some jokes, humor, or something related to your profile. Remember to add hashtags, never forgot it, is very important to someone can found you. Interact with related, cool and funny vines, other people will see it. Use the explore section to see top vines, be active.
And the most important, have lot of followers and then your account will boost where your vines will go viral.

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